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Triple Tube Pontoon Boat Trailers cont...

All Center Tubes are Not the Same. Modern triple tube pontoon boats, 2013 and later, have developed innovative design features to increase performance. Center pontoons shaped like an egg on its side, larger tubes, unique spray fins to deflect water and provide “lift”, etc. Each manufacturer has a different design and benefit story to their style of center tube. The different size and style of pontoons drives trailer manufacturers crazy.
center tube pontoon trailers
                                                                              Some Manufactureres have varying sizes of brackets to support the center tube.
Other manufacturers take an easier approach with adjustable brackets. If the dealer orders the trailer wrong, it’s a simple matter to adjust the center bunks. This is okay for storage trailers where the boat isn’t traveling but a bad approach for boats with larger engines and trailers that will be towed long distances. For greater detail refer to what I say elsewhere about the stress on bunk brackets.
adjustable brackets
You usually see these support brackets on
fishing boat trailers designed for boats
that weigh about 200 lb.
adjustable pontoon brackets
This bracket appears to be strong, but the weight rides on the strength of two nuts on two bolts. A heavy pontoon will loosen the nut.
These types of center tube supports would probably work well for sport tube triple tube pontoons (not much weight in the center pontoon).  I would consider them insufficient for a center tube with an engine in the center tube especially an engine over 100 HP (too much weight and flexing).
triple tube pontoon trailer

A well constructed triple tube pontoon trailer is shown to the left. A frame extender in the stern supports the longer center tube. The frame has two lateral braces in the front and stern to help support the bucking of heavier center tube pontoons. The sides frames are connected with five horizontal braces.
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