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Construction In the past most center lift trailers were made for dealer use. They were heavy duty to stand up to the rigors of daily use. This added to the cost and the retail customer who wanted a center lift trailer would often balk at the price. Today a number of manufacturers are building lighter duty use center lift trailers. The price is lower, but you need to pay attention to what you’re buying. If you have a small pontoon with a small engine almost anything will probably work. But modern boats with four stroke engines place a lot of stress on lightly built trailers.
center lift pontoon trailer bracing pontoon trailer bracing pontoon trailer bracing
Will the trailer lift your pontoon?
Besides not tipping the next consideration is whether or not the lifting system is strong enough to lift your boat. This should be a given but it’s best not to assume anything with pontoon trailers. If you have a 20’ pontoon with a 40 HP engine, you can probably use any trailer. If you have a modern 22’-24’ pontoon with an engine larger than 60 HP, you need to pay attention to the lifting system.

The lifting system on center lift pontoon trailers usually consists of a cable system working through pulleys to raise the top frame, lifting the pontoon boat. The winch is important. You will want at least a 1500 lb. heavy duty winch and generally the more pulleys the better.
heavy duty prontoon trailer winch

This is the common lifting system on most center lift trailers sold for retail use. It’s inexpensive and easy to manufacture. The lifting system places all the pressure on the front of the trailer. If you have an older 2000 lb pontoon this system will probably work.
center lift pontoon trailer winch system

The stern lifting system is the type of trailer that most marine dealers use for yard work. All the weight in modern boats is in the stern, furniture larger outboards, etc. The winch is usually a powerful 1500 lb. self braking style. The cables run through 7 pulleys that give you an incredible mechanical lifting advantage. This type of trailer will lift the heaviest boat without breaking your arm cranking.
Here’s what happens when you lift a heavy boat with a front pulley system.
pontoon trailer frame construction pontoon trailer frame constructionbroken pojntoon trailer frame
Stress points are reinforced. Our trailers are built by the oldest pontoon
trailer manufacturers. They know about stress points.  
These trailers have front lifting systems. The weight of the boat has bent the frame on the trailer to the left. The trailer to the right has a stronger (multi pulley system) but the stress has actually torn the steel.  
slide tube systempontoon slide tube lift systemThis slide pipe system has a unique benefit. It raises and lowers the boat straight up and down. This trailer has been a favorite with boat dealers who store boats. Unfortunately the slide pipe system was developed in 1957 when pontoon boats weighed 1000 lb.

Modern pontoon boats with large horsepower engines have all of the weight in the stern. The weight will bend the slide pipes. The manufacturer of this trailer does not warranty it for boats with engines over 40 HP and most modern boats have larger engines. But if you’re moving smaller boats and operate in close quarters, this design has its benefits.
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