pontoon trailers Fenders

Pontoon Trailer Fenders

Fenders protect your pontoon boat from road debris and weather. If you’re not going far, fenders may not be important. But you never know when you’re going to travel a freshly tarred road. If you’re trying to reach something in the boat, it’s nice to be able to stand on the fender. They also add eye appeal to your trailer. Some manufactures spend a few extra dollars to provide you with “real” functioning fenders.
Jeep Style Pontoon Trailer Fender

This type of fender is called a Jeep fender because it’s the style of fender used on older Jeeps. It’s a simple, inexpensive piece of stamped sheet metal usually welded to the frame. They were popular on many lower priced trailers, but are thin sheet metal and easily damaged.
cap fenders

These are “cap” fenders, at least that’s what I’ve always called them. This is a cheap fender and just “caps” the top of the tire. This fender just barely protects and can sling stones, mud, or debris all over your pontoon tubes or the vehicle behind you.
plastic fender 

Plastic, sometimes called nylon, fenders are a relatively inexpensive style that still offers real protection. The one shown has step pads front and back, which means it’s reinforced beneath with steel. These plastic fenders can take a lot of rough treatment. You’ll see them on many moderately priced pontoon trailers. If they should break, they are inexpensive to replace and usually just bolt on.
custom pontoon trailer fenders
Custom steel fenders are usually sold on more expensive pontoon trailers or custom trailers. They offer real protection for your pontoon boat and most styles have steps front and rear. Stepping on a fender to get something out of the boat might not seem like much of a benefit until you try to do it.
same fender on all axles
Some companies save money on fender inventory by using single axle fenders on all trailers.
shelf instead of fender
This is just a “shelf” above the tires. I’m not sure it’s any better than no fender at all.
no fender
Some companies don’t bother with fenders. If you’re not towing, I guess it’s alright.